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Healeon Medical's Executive Management Team


Mr. Greiner has been focusing on the growing field of regenerative medicine on the growing field of regenerative medicine since beginning his career in medical sales and has worked with many industry leaders to continue to stay at the forefront of this promising area of medicine. 


Mr. Greiner has a proven track record of successfully bringing several products successfully to market that meet the challenges faced across many subspecialties.  His clinical expertise and product knowledge continues to make him a go-to resource for clinicians wishing to meet the growing challenges in the regenerative medicine field. 


Mr. Panik is an executive manager with over two decades of experience in the medical device manufacturing industry with a proven track record in the Aesthetic, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery sector.

Mr. Panik has expertise in all facets of operating a surgical medical device company, including Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance; Sales and Marketing; Daily Operations; and Product Development from design to product realization.   


Additionally, Mr. Panik spent 20 years as a surgical assistant, which has given him a broad understanding of all surgical techniques, with targeted specific expertise in cardiovascular and plastic surgery procedures.


Mr. Schubert has 30+ years of managerial experience, the majority of which are in the medical device sector.  Mr. Schubert is a former CEO and Vice-Chairman of the Board of a NASDAQ-traded medical device manufacturer and has  served as VP of Sales and Marketing for two separate international device manufacturers. 


He has been on the cutting edge of surgical innovation for close to two decades and has launched and brought to market some several new medical product lines that are now househould names.


His career has been characterized by the ability to recognize the next big thing in medicine and successfully carving out market niches to meet clinician’s needs.

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