The LTM EVULSE Adipose Micronizer is a unique device that produces multi-size adipose tissue aliquots, which can be utilized for structural, scaffolding and cellular enrichment applications.

Tissue can be sized accordingly, as a scaffold, or as a structural injection material, for Living Tissue Therapies.

Versatile Tissue Sizing in One Device

Featuring an Internal Dual Blade

The LTM EVULSE Adipose Micronizer features an internal Dual Blade, which fragments tissue prior to passing through a disc with precisely engineered, sized blades and maintains the viability of the cell and tissue structure.


Why does that matter?  It eliminates the need to pass tissue multiple (30+) times, and that makes it more efficient and ergonomic.

The EVULSE Difference

The EVULSE Adipose Micronizer can produce multiple sized tissue and adipose particulates.  Just pick the size fat you need and go:

  • Macro Fat -- 2.00mm for "Structure"

  • Milli Fat -- 1.5mm for "Scaffolding / Less Structure"

  • Micro Fat -- 1.0mm for "Less Scaffolding"

  • Nano Fat -- 500µm for "Regeneration"

The EVULSE produces higher cell counts than the competition, with an average TNC count of:

6.24 x 10^6, Viability 85%+, 2900 CFU/ml

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