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Healeon / Bimini Health Tech Private Label

Bimini Health Tech is proud to partner with leading medical equipment distributors to provide them with the highest quality in regenerative products under the Healeon Private Label.  Private label regenerative products represent a fast growing sector of the regenerative and therapeutic healthcare market. 


By private labeling Healeon products from Bimini Health Tech, private label partners receive cost-effective, convenient solutions, a well as the confidence that their product is made precisely to the highest standards of quality, under the power of their own brand.

Both Bimini Health Tech's & Healeon's portfolio includes multiple regenerative products, and we follow strict production and manufacturing guidelines and protocols of the FDA.  Bimini Health Tech's control over quality during manufacturing ensures that our private label partners can rely on products that meet strict standards and are a trusted source for their private label fulfillment.

The Bimini Health Tech Private Label solution is complete:

  • Customized product packaging

  • Precision labeling

  • Customized IFU

  • Multiple fulfillment options

If you are interested in learning more about Healeon / Bimini Health Tech Private Label,  including which products are available, please contact Jeff Greiner, CCO at ((951) 522-2226‬ or via email.  He will be happy to discuss with you the various options available for each product.

So if you’re looking to sell high-quality regenerative products but don’t have the expertise or capital available to invest into developing your own products, then Bimini Private Label manufacturing may be your ideal option.

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