Regenerative Products 

Healeon Medical products are developed with one goal in mind – to make it easier for clinicians to perform autologous procedures with confidence.


Historically, procuring autologous cells has meant contending with the inability to harvest a sufficient number of viable cells using minimally invasive techniques. This obstacle has made it more difficult for clinicians to readily harvest the clinical dose required to effectively treat specific indications.


Simply put, Healeon Medical offers exactly what clinicians have been desperately seeking – a consistently higher yield and viability of cells, and therefore, a more predictable, efficacious treatment alternative. Our product mix is an economical solution that provides clinicians with everything they need for an autologous procedure from any tissue source. Our device protocols address market challenges by eliminating dependency on specially trained operators and providing the consistency demanded for autologous technologies.


Healeon Medical possesses the expertise to be an on-going resource to your practice. 


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